Regular screening of private projects and listed companies

Dialogue with Industry Experts

Investment Banks and Specialist Brokers

Mining Entrepreneurs



Best production growth

Defined resource base

Potential to expand reserves and resources

M&A potential – merge with a similar, neighbouring project

Investment Management & Returns

Investment holding period:
2 – 3 years;

Early distribution of shares to Pan Pacific investors

“Hands-on” style of investing – close relationship with management

Pan Pacific:

  • With technical guidance; identify and qualify (precious) metal assets held by capital-constrained/ financially-distressed owners
  • In exchange for cash and/or shares of Pan Pacific, it takes control of the asset
  • Raise further public capital and distribute share dividends back as a return of capital, and share offerings to investors
  • Invest and advance development to ready the assets for the IPO, further development / production / JV or sale